The people in your ‘hood, M-Z

(Did you contact all of those people from my last post yet?) Like a much-anticipated sequel, here is the second part to last week’s post. Except you won’t find out who the heroine chooses or if Snape is really on Harry’s side. Rather, you’ll meet more folks you should be talking to around campus.

  • Mark Bracken*: okay, maybe you don’t have someone specially named Mark Bracken who is exactly like the Mark Bracken I am talking about. But you have a Mark Bracken on your campus. Find this student, take them for coffee and bend their ear. Mark Bracken is the student who’s EVERYWHERE! Fraternity brother, Theatre major, student council senator, honor society officer and man-about-campus. Mark Brackens are invaluable. They can serve as spokespeople for your library and your services. They can invite you to one of their many organizational meetings to discuss partnerships or present library resources to.  If outreach librarians are cheerleaders, Mark Brackens are cheerleaders’ cheerleaders.
  • Multicultural/Minority Student Affairs: film festivals, book discussions/clubs, focus groups, and more. My friend discovered Multicultural Affairs at her school had a resource library that did not get much use. She is working with them to incorporate it into the library collection, still keep it as a separate collection and get users to it.
  • Museums: got some on campus? Talk to them! Can you cross-promote or partner? Consider hanging student art in your library or hosting overflow from their exhibits. Maybe they have smaller exhibits that can travel to the library. Do they have an education coordinator you can put on programs with?
  • Newspaper: got a student paper? Email them with your program information or when you get something cool in the library or about cool stuff you already have. A lot of times they *need* stories and might appreciate the tip. Find out how much it costs to take an ad out. I want to follow in the footsteps of our Writing Center who do a “tip of the week” ad.
  • Outreach: lots of big universities have an outreach vice provost/president nowadays, charged with the goal of being good and contributing citizens in the community. They are clearly your perfect partner. What does your library offer the community? What dream program can you not put on yourself that they might help fund/staff?
  • Parent programs: parents love libraries. Is there a parent newsletter you can promote yourself in? Special parent presentations at orientation? Is there a parent organization you can work with? For example, at my alma mater the Dad’s Association sponsors an award for top students. The award is a new book in the library with their name in it. Everyone wins with that one!
  • Publications and promotions: our department here on campus has awesome graphic design students who will design awesome flyers for me.
  • Res Halls: find out how to put flyers up in them. See if you can do floor programs (come on, we all have a scavenger hunt we can put on at the drop of a hat!) or host research sessions in lounges. Our archivist was promoting her very fun photo caption contest through these (she pulled great old campus photos out, now on display in the library with winning captions.)
  • ROTC: program with students who might have particular needs you can address. Do they need to know how to access resources or get help off campus? Much like Adult Ed students, here is a group you should definitely sit down and talk to: what do they need? You might find you already have programs/services in place they don’t know about.
  • SafeRides: hope you have one of these on campus. Just good to know about this to refer students to.
  • Security: like Facilities, bring them cookies.  Talk to them, introduce yourself. Keep them abreast of when you are doing programs that might bring the public to campus. If they like you, they might be more amenable to helping folks find parking. Also, you need them when things get weird at the library…because they always do.
  • Tutoring centers: can you help train tutors in using library resources? Offer space for them to work? Make sure they know your hours and librarians’ names so that they can refer students.
  • Writing centers: I meet with them regularly to show them library resources. I make sure they know our hours and names of librarians so that they can refer students. I constantly refer students to them, especially when I get asked if something is cited correctly.

    Thanks for reading and do email if you have folks I left off my lists. Next week we’ll talk to the guys who created the Zombie library guide!

* Other students to know:
Clayton Irwin: artistic, can make a Magic School Bus out of yellow paper and colored pencils.
Nina Grudt: totally organized student who can help you run programs, makes good decisions and is detail-oriented. Also, makes kids feel really welcome.
Tommy Novak: student who can connect you to Theatre dept for dramaturgical work AND is a campus tour guide, so can help you get other guides on message.
Amy Schwendemann: will put on a Thing 2 costume in the blink of an eye, helps invigorate presentations that need a boost.
Courtney Matula: mere presence is life-affirming, plus game for putting on a costume.
Caitlin Zant: naturally curious student you can mold into a Reference Assistant, will spend hours playing in databases.
Denise Wargowsky: considering becoming a librarian, help show her how cool it is.
Dylan Tate and Derek Kruppstadt: tech geniuses who will also pitch in for community events when needed.

Oh my, too many to name and now that I’ve started this, am bound to get a few : “Why am I not in your blog!”

One response to “The people in your ‘hood, M-Z

  1. Hey Lizz,
    Just wanted to let you know I love reading your blog! Especially when you mention all my favorite people.

    Hahaha. LOVE IT! You are too kind!!!!

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