Coincidence is a messenger sent by truth: the Maisie Dobbs Drinking Game

No, I am not suggesting a new outreach program, but then again I don’t know what kind of party is at your library. Rather, here is a post devoted to a tried and true piece of librarianship: the love of a good book. And the ways in which we can subvert those books we dearly love. Inspired by the Jane Austen Drinking Game, I bring you the Maisie Dobbs Drinking Game.

If you have not read Jacqueline Winspear’s original contribution to the detective genre, get thyself to a library. Set in post-World War I Britain, Maisie Dobbs is a Psychologist and Investigator who solves mysteries using intuition, a chameleon-like personality and her trusty cockney assistant Billy Beale. Having moved up from her station in life, Maisie nagivates the messes the Great War has left in its wake to help people solve their issues along with their mysteries. It’s half New Age-y Agatha Christie, half “Upstairs, Downstairs” and 100% satisfying! ‘Tis very important to read them in order, unless you don’t mind knowing who dies or the ins and outs of Maisie’s semi-love life. Throw in some great fashion descriptions and you’ve got yourself the first mystery novel I’ve ever enjoyed.

(This is a project in process, so do send me your suggestions.)

Take one drink when:

  • Maisie says “I was a nurse”
  • Billy Beale is referred to by his full name
  • Maisie thinks of Simon
  • Priscilla complains about what Maisie is wearing (take another drink if she forces something new to wear on her)
  • Eric wipes down/dusts off the MG
  • Maisie thinks she’s being watched
  • Maisie and Inspector Stratton meet at the “caff”
  • Maisie thinks about calling Maurice Blanche, but does not

Take two drinks when:

  • Frankie Dobbs thinks of saying something to Maisie and doesn’t
  • Priscilla’s nanny is in love or has a boyfriend
  • Lord Compton helps Maisie view a soldier’s record
  • Someone is described as having souless eyes
  • Maisie touches her scar
  • Priscilla mentions one of her sons by his full name (say child’s name while taking drink)
  • Maisie eats a pan of soup for dinner
  • Maisie checks her watch (chug if she recalls Lady Compton giving it to her)
  • Maisie gets a cold creepy feeling on the back of her neck (chug if described as cold fingers on the back of her neck)

Chug when:

  • Maisie gets a new article of clothing
  • Maisie dances
  • Someone says, “Coincidence is a messenger sent by truth”

Thank you: D. Paterson Morrow, Susan Albrecht, Amy Dolnick Rechner, Abbi Brown

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