21st Century Libraries

Thanks to writer Jonathan Maberry for his recent virtual panel discussion posts featuring librarians. In lieu of my own post this week, I am directing you to this discussion “What’s the Buzz about 21st Century Libraries?” Maberry asks the question, “What does a brick-and-mortar library have that I can’t find on the Net?” Though it’s a question we might tire of debating amongst ourselves, with legislators, patrons, and snarky uncles, it’s not a question going away any time soon.

In 2012 in addition to the practical tips and programming this blog usually offers, we’ll also start exploring the profession from a more theoretical perspective. “What are we?” is a question we must continually ask ourselves. Are we educators? Service providers? Gate keepers? Guardians of knowledge? Bookophiles? Defenders of freedom? Early adopters? Tech gurus? Road signs along the information highway? Guides on the side? I hope you will contribute your thoughts and voice to this discussion by guest posting. You can email me at ezitron@hotmail.com to contribute.

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