One more adventure in reference…take that, Google!

Thanks to all who contributed and passed around the post on reference adventures. To celebrate the end of our semester (and maybe yours), I offer a GEM of a story.

Sarah Howison, Youth Services Specialist at the Bethel, OH Branch Library emailed me such an amazing story on December 4, that I had to copy, cut and paste it rather than risk spoiling the story by paraphrasing: “Today I tagged a deer for a patron, online. I have never been hunting in my life, but this guy seemed to think I was some kind of deerstalking ninja, just because I found all of the information he needed and helped him type it up. Then he asked me if I wanted to see the deer, because “it was right outside” in the back of his truck. I declined, but I checked the security camera footage later and…yep, buck in a truck.”

I think we can all agree that Sarah wins the prize.

Please keep me posted on your library adventure. What are your goals for 2012 in terms of outreach? Mine includes developing tools (both qualitative and quantitative) to assess my outreach activities. I’ve got a few tried and true tricks in my bag, but it’s time to see how effective they are. Additionally, many of you have stated the need to produce quantitative results to your supervisors showing the value of outreach work.

Happy holidays!

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