A plug for a conference I’m co-hosting

forecasting logo smallThis is not a practical tip for how to reach out to your students. But it is a practical tool for helping you understand where your library is at and where you want to be. PLUS, you get to hear from experts, futurists, and professionals in the areas of Higher Education, Student Learning, Publishing, and Technology talk about where their fields are and where they think they might go in the future. Because we don’t exist in vacuums. These fields impact how we serve our patrons. Who knew five years ago that mobile devices would change our service expectations so much? Why do publishers make the choices they do? How will changing student populations impact our jobs?

So here’s the schpiel! A national conference for $25, no travel expenses, major speakers. The Forecasting Next Generation Libraries conference is now open for registration.

How can we predict and prepare for the next two decades of academic librarianship? What resources and services will college and university libraries provide in 2033? We propose to use a course-ference, a new model that combines the best of the conference experience with the value of an on-line course. We’ll mix synchronous and asynchronous presentations with collaborative learning to provide both a broader and deeper exploration for forecasting the next 20 years in academic librarianship. Partners and sponsors include NITLE, Johns Hopkins University Press, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SOIS.

Using a scenario-building framework developed by consultant Josh Morrill, we’ll explore our current and future scenarios. Each week we’ll hear from a different panel of experts who will talk about their fields: Publishing, Higher Education, Student learning, Libraries, and Technology. Libraries are part of a larger educational ecosystem and this conference allows attendees to explore each of those parts as they consider their own future.

Speakers include Bryan Alexander of NITLE, Eileen Mackevich of the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, author Michael Nielsen, Tip House of OCLC, tech guru Mary Spio, Eli Neiburger, and other recognized experts.

This conference lasts July 1-August 19 and is entirely virtual with opportunities for live interaction. Registration is $25/person. Please visit our web site to register and better understand this unique conference model: http://nextgenlibraries.org/

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