A holiday for gamers

catansgiving_fin3If you are not familiar with the addictive game Settlers of Catan, may I suggest getting thyself to your local gaming store ASAP? The board game challenges players to settle a new land with the building blocks of wood, sheep, brick, and ore.  It’s popularity has spawned expansion packs and themed-versions. Now it’s popularity has spawned a cookbook and holiday, courtesy of Chris Rachael Oseland, author of  Dining with the Doctor.  If you’re looking for a way to celebrate holidays at your library and/or appeal to gamers, consider a Catansgiving celebration.

catansgiving-trioOseland has even created printables for use in celebrations and offers ideas for including kids. If using the cookbook seems impractical, the key to a successful celebration is hexagonal. Program attendees could cut paper plates into the appropriate hexagonal shape, which mimics the pieces of the board. Use the cookbook to serve food that corresponds to wood, sheep, brick, ore, and water.  Or work with your TAB to come up with food ideas.  What’s so awesome is that you can make this as simple or as complex as you desire.

International Games Day at your Library is coming November 16. It’s not too late to adopt Catansgiving for your celebration.

If you decide to host a Catansgiving at your library, please share your experiences and photos with us by emailing lizz.zitron@gmail.com.  Happy gaming and happy hexagonal eating!


One response to “A holiday for gamers

  1. Fantastic! Another holiday that deserves to go global 🙂 And thanks to the power of games, I might just be able to help!

    As the editor of the International Games Day blog, I’d love to invite you to write something a little more detailed about your Catansgiving celebrations just past (Happy Belated Catansgiving by the way!) for our readership, to help fellow librarians get involved. If you’d be interested, please drop me a line!

    Either way, best wishes from Australia!

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