Bag of Tools: ready-made outreach materials

AAL-female-thumbCreating outreach materials can be a time suck, even for the most creative citizen of Libraryland. For those of us who feel graphic design-challenged, creating outreach materials is akin to a level of hell.  Here is our attempt to provide a one-stop shop for templates, generators, and other helpful promotional tools of the outreach trade. Please let us know if we missed something you love to use.

Free sources

For purchase:

  • Smore: design online flyers to spread the word electronically, comes with a variety of templates
  • Youth services librarians Katie Dersnah Mitchell and Shelley Harris love Upstart: posters, bookmarks, reading records, decor, and more for the librarian with a bit of a budget
  • Middle/high school librarian Laurie Amster-Burton stands by the swag and decor available from ALA Graphics.
  • School librarian Erin Schramm recommends Demco for your attractive and ready-to-use promotional materials


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