Halloween Costumes Part 2: Literary Lovelies

As Outreach staff, we enjoy the opportunity to serve as walking billboards. Lizz’s post features some fantastic costume ideas. They are witty; I laughed out loud. However, I want to take this opportunity to share with you how my costumes this decade promote literacy.

While some wonderful costumes feature characters from books, I have taken a different approach. I decided every year of my thirties to dress as a literary genre. Yes, a genre. While it sounds a bit crazy, it has allowed me to take abstract concepts and make them real and accessible. Isn’t that the definition of “creativity”? For me, at least, it is part of the definition of “fun”.  However, I will acknowledge that I have a bias since I grew up in the world of theatre. (For theatre aficionados who are reading this, I have a bias. I am a librarian).

So far, these have been my costumes:

12011: Mystery. Also known as “Ms. Tery.” At first, I couldn’t find this photo. I guess that is appropriate. Fortunately, though, we cracked that case.  As a bonus, this costume gave me an opportunity to recycle a bridesmaid gown.


22012: The goal was Steam Punk. However, I think this really is more representative of Historical Fiction.


32013: Can you tell that this one is Fantasy? I loved putting this genre outfit together. Separate from being a costume piece, I wear the dress as a regular fashion choice now.


42014: This year, I will go as a Western. I inherited the boots from my grandmother when she passed away in 2010. I doubt that she realized the Wild West would be part of her legacy, but in about a week, it will be.  Yee haw!

Thrift store finds, repurposed clothes, jewelry that I already owned, and a dollop of ingenuity have combined to let me create these costumes. They are not all genres that I regularly read, but I have tried some books to match my dress. Ideally, seeing my attire will also inspire community members to pick up books they may not have otherwise read.

Ten years is a long time. I have six more genre costumes to assemble. Please use the comments area to share any ideas that you have for my future ensembles. Next October, this blog may feature my realization of your concept.

With book and educator site 2013Anna Francesca Garcia earned her Master of Library and Information Sciences degree from the University of North Texas and has worked for a decade in public libraries in Nevada and Missouri. Her seven-year-old daughter will be dressing as a ghost this Halloween. Anna Francesca does not mind sharing this information here because none of her daughter’s friends read this blog.

3 responses to “Halloween Costumes Part 2: Literary Lovelies

  1. One year the reference librarians and assistants dressed up as Miss Information with pretty dresses, crowns and a ribbon across from shoulder to opposite hip like Miss America. Some people laughed and others thought about “Misinformation” so it was quite fun.

  2. Fun idea!! Romance could be one of your genres. Think diamonds, boas, lovely gowns! Or with historical romance you could choose a period and dress accordingly. (maybe not a “bodice ripper” for work though)

  3. Love these ideas! Keep the creative edge going. I especially love mystery and the added idea for misinformation….making us smile… ;o)

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