May Giveaway Continues: Doctor Who + Food

If you love cooking (or just the eating partdoctor-who-kitchen-overlord) and Doctor Who, then have we got the giveaway for you! We’ve got THREE Doctor Who-themed recipe posters to give away from Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook. So, how can you win one of these fabulous prizes? Simply leave a comment after this post letting us know who your favorite Doctor is and why. We’ll pick three winners randomly from the answers on May 26. And if you really love the Doctor and food, check out the Overlord’s Kickstarter.

4 responses to “May Giveaway Continues: Doctor Who + Food

  1. David Tennant is my favorite. I think because he was my first Doctor. I discovered Dr. Who on PBS.

  2. I love Eleven played by Matt Smith. He is so funny and just love children. He is also my son’s favorite doctor.

  3. The 11th Doctor(Matt Smith) is my favorite doctor because he constantly reminded us that you can be whoever you want to be and that it is okay to be different. Especially if one is wearing a totally cool bow tie. He was goofy and strange with a few reminders that he could still kick butt if he needs to. He is everything. And he has the coolest wife EVER! Go River!

  4. David Tennant: The perfect doctor. Absolutely balanced the manic and dark sides. Plus, Captain Jack Harkness hung out with him – Bonus!

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