So long (and thanks for all the fish)

thank-you6After five years of posting on all things outreach and librarian, we’ve decided to discontinue publishing regularly. Our jobs have changed over the years with us doing less outreach and so having less to write about! We plan to keep this blog up as an archive of helpful information. We still welcome guest posts as the spirit moves you to share your wonderful ideas with your fellow librarians. Please submit any ideas or articles to Lizz at

Thank you for being a part of a rewarding, fun, thoughtful, and interesting journey through this blog. We’ve met so many wonderful librarians, authors, and other citizens of LibraryLand who have shaped this blog to be a resource for those doing outreach. Thank you for reading, contributing, and sharing your voice.

Be well and remember that outreach is everyone’s job, Lizz

From our intrepid, and popular, feature writer Anna Francesca Garcia

Sarah B and Me. Babies & NowGoodbyes are not my thing. I sort of suck at them.  I have friends on Facebook who I’ve known since we were in diapers. People who lived on my block live in different cities now. Yes, relationships change. Ending though? Paint me firmly in camp denial.

Okay, it can definitely be healthier to part ways. Not all connections are nourishing. I admit that there are times when people have to cut ties. You’re going to miss having this blog as a steady part of your life, though, right?

thirdYou, readers, are a community of mine. Even though I haven’t met most of you, I know that we do the same types of things because we care about our fellow humans. That is amazing. (Cue “Somewhere Out There” as made popular by An American Tale).

I do less outreach and more in-house service at my library now. I travel to schools and organizations, but it isn’t the main part of what my job now. Those of you currently in the thick of it are more attuned to current needs and trends than I am, so I would like for you to contribute your expertise to the field.

Lizz is going to keep her blog, including my posts, up as an archive to which you can refer.  I hope that it continues as a reference, but I have much to learn from you, too. I always did.  Thank you for your comments that helped me grow as a librarian.

I am basically saying “goodbye” even though I just wrote that this is something at which I am really terrible.  Here is the part that keeps me from being hypocritical: @annafrancesca18. That’s my twitter tag. Use it:

  1. Post photos from outreaches.
  2. Tell me what’s happening at your libraries.
  3. Celebrate successes.
  4. Ask questions.

So, goodbye for now. I will see you in the Twitterverse (and maybe even in real life).

cropped-cropped-with-book-and-educator-site-2013.jpgAnna Francesca Garcia earned her Master of Library and Information Sciences degree from the University of North Texas and has worked for almost 11 years in public libraries in Nevada and Missouri. You can find her @annafrancesca18 on Twitter.


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