Getting graphic in instruction

cropped-banner1-1One of the best things I do as a librarian is serving on ACRL’s Instruction Section Executive Board. I’ll be highlighting projects, initiatives, and other opportunities over the next year. If you plan to make your instruction a bit more graphic this year, check this out from the Instructional Technologies Committee:
The semester is almost coming to an end, hopefully you’re looking forward to tackling those projects it’s difficult to get to when students are around!  If one of those projects involves any sort of graphic design, check out the ACRL Instruction Section’s recent Tips and Trends article on Graphic Design Tools.  For a quick overview, watch this short video to get a glimpse at some of the featured tools, such as Piktochart, Canva and  Use them to revamp your instructional handouts, create a flyer for your library spaces, or share information with faculty.  And stay tuned for the upcoming Tips and Trends on accessibility and universal design!
Watch the video at

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